“Fstoppers Claims You Need Only an iPhone for Professional Shots”

Update: 7/15/10

I am very sorry. I thought when I used the email to WordPress, it would include my gruntings… not a complete post of the article. I do not wish to take any credit for it, just finding it and bringing it up for the soapbox. I always try to bring the original post address available.

The best way to tell between a real article and mine? If you can understand it, it is theirs.

Won’t happen again. Whew.


Anyways, I wanted to say about this, is 2 things come to mind.

1. Sometimes, an Artist can make beautiful music out of a paper cup. It might take some work, but it can be done.

2. Sometimes, there is so much polishing you can do to a piece of excrement.

Thank you.


Check out: “Fstoppers Claims You Need Only an iPhone for Professional Shots” – Switched.com


FStoppers iPhone Photo Shoot

[From: Fstoppers, via: Gizmodo]

The iPhone Fashion Shoot – Lee Morris Shoots With The 3GS Fstoppers from FStoppers on Vimeo.

By roscoer

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