Ah, the smell of a new hack… Insiginia Infocast….

From BestBuy, comes a device based on the cool Chumby.  I saw from Wired.com originally, but it links to Bunnie Huang’s excellent site.

Basically, the unit is a linux device and the hacker mavens managed to install an actual browser to the unit.. very cool..

An on Bunnies site is an article on a base hacker board to run chumby or what-have-you


The life of a frugal hacker is not an easy one… but a really sucky cheap one.

I look forward to checking these devices out one day… not today…

Currently I am lucky to be play with a Nokia n810 running grumby (virtual chumby) not too shabbily… (One of the reasons I haven’t ebayed it.. aside from the excellent Gpodder program.)

But i love when hackers get a hold on something and make it cooler. KUDOS!

By roscoer

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