Cr-48/Non Chrome Hacking… take it easy!

I am lucky to participate in Google’s Chrome OS pilot program where they sent out test units loaded with Chrome OS and you are requested to use the machine and send back feedback.

I am amazed about hearing how people are managing to install Windows 7, Ubuntu and even Mac OS X on these test units. To me, this is a testament to a hacker’s driven curiosity to truly make a machine their own.

However, the point of the pilot program is to test out the ‘OS’, not to mess with the hardware.  Just yet.  Give Google the info/feedback they need… and then hack it!   I hope that Google will have install discs available, to test on other hardware aside from the cr-48 (soon enough, I imagine.)  I’ve lent out the unit to many people at work, to get their opinion. Most of the reviews  are positive, but the hardware is a little buggy..(mostly the trackpad)

Anyways, Can’t we all just get along?

Post Note: Hexxeh, the genius who designed the Chromium (open source version) OS , made hacking the cr-48 easy via Luigi. So you can flash the firmware to install whatever OS you like… YMMV and don’t blame me when it smokes.. smolders maybe..

By roscoer

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