Don’t like Duke Nukem, get bullied? Don’t Think So…

Huh? Oh I’m sorry, when you make a game that people don’t care for, you get ticked enough to go on a PR Blacklist? That’s what Ars Technica’s article is about with tepid reviews on the uber-net-hyped return of the Duke Nukem license.

Hey, people are allowed to hate a product, they are allowed to buy or not buy. I know the whole thing is a joke, (back then 3DRealms made LoWang and Shadow Warrior, if you think Duke is Un-PC…yesh…)

The game has some very crude humor and there are some really controversial scenes included and I can totally dig some groups hating. But this road isn’t new and if you ask RockStar about their Grand Theft Auto franchise… sometimes some controversy sells.

Sociology aside; make a game that people want to play… then take the criticism when people don’t like it and make it better. PR Blacklists are there for a reason, but use it for good reason, not to cover the truth.

/Rant end.  P.S. I probably will get the game during the summer. I also bought Daikatana, Outpost, and many other games that was considered less than good.  I also paid for games that are rated higher; it’s called being a customer.

Business, make better stuff.


By roscoer

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